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Thailand Scuba Travel

Thailand is one of the world’s top scuba dive destination. Idyllic beaches, beautiful diving and welcoming people make Thailand truly “The Land of Smiles”. Thai cuisine, signature massages and spa treatment make Thailand authentic and cozy.

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Thailand destinations

Assava dive resort

Assava is a family style beach resort with a dive center onsite. Restaurant and lounge are directly on the beach. It provides a relaxed but comfortable atmosphere at a very affordable price.

The Resort is located in the south of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is named after the abundance of sea turtle.


  • Cozy family style resort
  • 50 rooms and beach bungalows
  • PADI 5 star dive center
  • View over the  Angthong Marine Park.

New white Manta

The newly constructed White Manta is one of the the most spacious and modern purpose built liveaboard in Thailand.

The vessel is designed for scuba diver and for comfort and flexibility. It has a huge dive deck, a dedicated indoor camera room.  And very important food is prepared by a fantastic Thai chef is tastes delicious. The cabins are stylish and the massage after the dive is just relaxing.

  • Luxury accommodation
  • 20 sqm cabin size
  • 46m length with 14  twin an family cabins
  • Newly built liveaboard

PADI Travel Thailand

Travel planning

Best time to travel

The Andaman sea has tropical climate (27-32°C) throughout the year, with the hottest months being March to May and the monsoon winds dictating the rain patterns. In the Andaman Sea, the dry season runs from November to the end of April. This is the time when the seas are calmest and corresponds with the season for scuba diving. February to April is a particularly popular period since this is the prime time to see whale sharks and mantas in the area.

The Green season runs from May to October with the wettest month often being October. During this period scuba diving is limited.

Water temperature is usually 27-30°C through the year. 

© Laura Zepner, Pierre Karrasch, Felix Wiemann & Lars Bernard (2020) – an interactive climate analysis web platform, International Journal of Digital Earth, DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2020.1829112

How to get there?

Phuket has a large international airports (IATA: HKT) connecting Thailand all over Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.


Thailand Scuba insights

Bahamas - Bluestripe snapper

Thailand is great tropical scuba diving destination with two distinct zones: The Gulf of Thailand on the east side and the Andaman Sea on the west side.

Scuba diving is very much influenced by the monsoon seasons in Thailand. On the east side, the Gulf of Thailand, the best season in is May to September with great visibility and rather moderate currents. The Andaman Sea on the west side is preferable  for scuba diving from October through April. The current tents to be stronger with deep drop offs and amazing coral reefs, canyons and caverns. Manta rays, whale sharks and many other pelagic sea life is regularly spotted between February and April in the Similan Islands. 

Dive conditions

The sea temperature is throughout the year comfortable, the visibility is 20m to 30m and Thailand has an  abundance of pelagic marine life to explore.

That make Gulf and Thailand and Andaman Sea perfect scuba travel destination for beginner and advanced scuba diver alike. And the mild currents in the Gulf of Thailand are often appreciated by macro marine photographer.

The sea temperature of 26°C to 29°C is comfortable and could allow to dive with 3mm wet suits or during the summer month even shorties.

Thailand - Aneome with black footed clown fish

Thailand Marine life

Scuba diving in Thailand is popular due to the opportunity to dive with whale sharks and manta rays. You can see many pelagics but also smaller fish and critters. Many dive sites have beautiful hard and soft coral and abundant marine life.

Thailand Manta Ray

Thailand has a rich marine life. Manta rays and whale sharks are a common encounter on the west side in the Phuket around the year and in Hin Daeng & Hin Muan during the winter season. The Similan island you find them during the summer season.

Beautiful encounters in Thailand are seahorses and anemone fish. and if you are lucky enough you even might find a frog fish, the master of camouflage.

Thailand night dive
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