Adventures in deep blue

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Adventures in deep blue

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Adventures in deep blue

People call scuba diving a life changing activity. Submerging under the surface provides you with a different perspective. You immerse into the breathtaking marine world, coral reefs and  become a part-time member of a different  ecosystem. You should try and win a new perspective on for yourself.

To start the scuba adventure does not take much. It is step by step learning starting with a sneak preview in a discover scuba diving. And very soon you may start planning your first scuba vacation or dive safari on a liveaboard.

Scuba history

Modern recreational scuba diving evolved very much mid of last century. Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed 1943 the first aqualung. The first open circuit self containing underwater breathing apparatus is called  SCUBA. And 1952 developed the University of Berkley the wetsuit. Finally ScubaPro invented 1980 the buoyancy control device (BCD).


Those innovations paved the way for the professional teaching organizations NAUI in 1959 and PADI in 1966.
Consequently the booming leisure activity has nowadays around 9 million active scuba diver with 3.5 million in the US and Europe each.

Learn Scuba Diving

the first step into scuba

With a minimum age of 10 years you can sign up for a discover scuba diving experience. And you  can immerse into the fascinating underwater world. No previous experience is required, just a reasonable physical health. Precisely you learn the basic safety guidelines and the skills to dive under the supervision of a qualified dive professional.

From here you can decide for an open water scuba diver course with three parts: knowledge development, pool practice, and open water training.  You will gain all the knowledge and learn the skills to dive with a qualified buddy. To sign up for those of these combination depends on your personal preferences:


Learn locally

You are best prepared for you vacation by completing all three parts near your place.  And be ready for open water adventures at the first day of your vacation.

Start home finish during vacation

To save time during your vacation you start with the online knowledge development and continue with the pool and open water training during the first vacation days.

Learn on vacation

During the vacation you have the relief from day-to-day and focus on scuba diving. You book a vacation in a dive center and complete all three parts consecutively.


PADI is the largest scuba organization, founded 1966 by two friends John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. Furthermore PADI is not only about scuba training but all about responsibility and care of the marine world.

Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean.℠

Training with PADI provides you with the most respected credential. It is the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization. A PADI certificate is recognized and accepted  everywhere.

PADI courses make learning enjoyable. PADI Instructors are trained to the highest standards. And under the guidance of your Instructor you gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills. 

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