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Plan your liveaboard vacation

Every diver who enjoyed a liveaboard vacation would know this strategy. You start the day early with the sunrise a first dive before breakfast. And before the second dive before lunch you definitely need to relax. And the routine continues with up to 4 until a night dive.

Liveaboards are a great option to enjoy a high frequency of dive per day with a minimum effort. Many liveaboard are actually premium resort with the best comforts. And the dive deck is so close and often is your dive equipment already prepared during the breaks. 

Dive, Eat, Sleep and Repeat!

  • What is the focus during your vacation: It should be scuba diving, as this is what liveaboard are about!
  • Do you plan other activities? perhaps before or after the liveaboard tour like beach, cultural or sport activities?
  • If you are traveling with a partner, are all of you scuba gigs?
  • Do you like to explore as many dive sites as possible with up to four dives per day?
  • What kind of vessel is it? And what the dive infrastructure like (e.g. space of the dive deck and the dinghies)?
  • What is the reputation of the liveaboard and the dive guides? How is the rental equipment?
  • How well are the vessel and the cabins  maintained? What kind of food can I expect?
  • Is the liveabaord eco-friendly and is sustainability and the marine environment is in their DNA?
  • Which kind of tour focus (e.g. wreck tour,  photography or marine biology lesson etc.)
  • How many dive are planned per day like Which are their amenities? Are there cultural or sport activities. Which kind of restaurant and food do they offer?
  • Any special dive activities planned like night dives, drift drive or wreck penetration?
  • How challenging are the dive sites are and do they meet your level of experiences?

Liveaboard reviews

BlueForce Two - Egypt liveaboard

Egypt liveaboard:
Blue Force 2

The Blue Force 2 is and excellent liveaboard for diver who focus on an affordable maximum of dives per day. The crew spend a lot of efforts and makes you feel comfortable. The vessel it practical and focussed on diving. The itinerary offers amazing dive sites like SS Thistlegorm.

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Maldives ScubaSpa Ying Yang - Hull

Maldives liveaboard:

The is one of the liveaboards where you just want to come back, as its always fantastic. they call the Scubaspa liveaboard a floating resort and that hits the nail: A stylish vessel with spacious cabins, delicious food and seamless organized scuba diving.

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Porcupine divers b&w wreck

The exciting scuba wreck diving

Scuba diving has a lot to offer. One of the most exciting activities is wreck diving. It opens a glimpse into an unreal merger between the world of the surface beneath and marine world. Wrecks have a story to tell and you gain sharable moments to explore.

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