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Thomas Reef - Wall Diving

Plan your Dive and dive site

Choosing a the suitable dive site is important to ensure a satisfying scuba experience and memorable underwater moments. And there are a couple of consideration to ensure the best experience. During a vacation in most cases you dive with a local dive center who know the dive sites by heart and can provide you with the necessary information. But also dive site reviews like PADI travel and blogs are an important source for us to plan any dive.

  • What can you generally expect, like depth, currents, visibility, underwater scenery.
  • What kind of  marine life, caves or wrecks to explore?
  • Conditions of the day. Visibility, current can chance and influence the dive drastically
  • What are your expectation, what do you like to explore?
  • Do you like to penetrate a wreck or focus the dive on macro photography
  • Can the dive center support you in your plans?
  • What is reputation of the dive center and in case how experienced is the dive guide
  • Do you know your buddy and their level of experience and expectations in the dive
  • Does the dive meet your level of experiences? Comfortable with the dive and ready to enjoy?

Scuba dive site reviews

Hawkbill Turtle

Egypt dive sites:
Strait of Tiran

The Strait of Tiran consists of a chain of reefs between Tiran island and the Sinai peninsula. A beautiful dive site with amazing underwater landscapes and marine life. Sometimes a bit challenging currents. On the surface they are marked by the Swedish freighter wreck Loullia and the cargo wreck Lara. The water temperature is around 28°C in the summer with a visibility of 20-30m.

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SS Dunraven - Common lion fish

Egypt dive sites:
SS Dunraven shipwreck

SS Dunraven is one of the oldest dive wrecks at the Sinai peninsula. Shipwreck rest at the Beacon Rock on the southern end of Sha’ab Mahmud reef. This is for me a dive site combing an accessible wreck penetration with a beautiful soft and hard coral reef. The wreck rests along the reef slope from 18 meter to 29 meter.

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SS Thistlegorm wreck - Bow

Egypt dive sites:
SS Thistlegorm shipwreck

One of the most iconic and awesome dive wrecks it definitely the SS Thistlegorm – a bucket-list-dive! The most famous Red Sea wreck sunk 80 years back October 6, 1941. Since 1990 it became with 70,000 diver per year one of the most famous dive sites due to accessibility and the fully loaded cargo decks.

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