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Maldives - Reethi Faru Beach

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A dive resort scuba vacation is one of the best experiences and you can get so many shareable moments out of it: Learning new skills, gain to levels of experience, taking amazing underwater photographies or just enjoying a beautiful well preserved coral reef. Just what is most important for you during the vacation to meet your expectations?

  • What is the focus during your vacation: Is it mainly scuba diving and what do you like to explore?
  • Which other activities do you plan like beach, cultural or sport activities around the resort?
  • Are you traveling with a partner or your family and what are their interests?
  • Do you like to explore the nature, cities, local food or do you prefer to relax at the beach or with a spa treatments?
  • Where is the dive center located? Is it onsite to ensure easy equipment logistics?
  • What is the reputation of the dive center? Is it qualified  like a PADI 5 star?
  • How well are the shop and the dive boats maintained? Is the rental equipment new and in a good condition?
  • Is the dive center eco-friendly and is sustainability and the marine environment is in their DNA?
  • What Quality and reputation has the resort or hotel. Are the rooms stylish, modern and clean?
  • Which are their amenities? Are there cultural or sport activities. Which kind of restaurant and food do they offer?
  • How is the scuba diving around the resort? Is there a house reef for easy access to a coral reef?
  • How challenging are the dive sites are and do they meet your level of experiences?

Dive resort reviews

Maldives - Reethi Faru Beach

Maldives dive resort:
Reethi Faru

I was during Covid-19 on Maldives island and it was almost a private island. Reethi Faru is a perfect Maldive escape due to tranquillity, friendliness and quality of accommodation. And to focus on sustainability and the marine biology center are just awesome.

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