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The Philippines consists of over 7,000 island spanning approximately 1,850km. The archipelago is situated in the northern West Pacific Coral triangle. With marine protective regulations in place since many years the Philippines  guarantee tropical paradises and f marine biodiversity hotspots. Some of the best dive spots are around Cebu island, Malapascua in the north of Cebu and Bohol in the south.

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The MS Infiniti is a 40m steel hull vessel. The top deck offers lounges and hammocks with sun and shade options or stargazing. The main deck provides massive space for living and dining areas, a bar, a large TV and entertainment library. The MS Infiniti has a spacious camera room, charging stations. All meals, snacks, drinks (including alcohol) and diving are included.

  • 11 cabins, ensuite bathrooms
  • Max. 25 guests
  • From Puerto Princesa or Cebu City

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Travel planning

Best time to travel

The best Philippines dive season is December into June. Typhoons may runs from July through October and the dry season is October to May.   

The air temperature is rather stable throughout the year around 27°C. And there is less humidity from March through June. 

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How to get there?

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport (IATA: CEB) connects  to Los Angeles, Dubai and many South Asian destinations. Malapascua and Bohol are located north and south of Cebu Island. 

From Cebu city to New Maya Port in the north it is 4hr by car. And from there a ferry connects to Malapascua. From Cebu city to Bohol island connects a ferry in 1hr.

Philippines scuba insights

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The Philippines’ archipelago comprises 7,100 islands scattered over 500 miles. Located in the Indo-Pacific’s Coral Triangle the Philippines are home to some of the world’s best scuba diving. The dive conditions are excellent and and the Philippines offer a huge variety for all levels of divers. 

Malapascua island is located off the north of Cebu and scuba diving here is all about thresher sharks.

If you are into wreck diving the Subic Bay let you experience sunken WWII warships.

Tubbataha reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Palawan. Liveaboard tours in this nutrient-rich waters allow pelagic encounters as well as spotting macro-critters and support healthy coral reefs.

Cebu is the center of Visayas archipelago and beside good beach dive spots you can find the  Marigondon Cave and the Gato Island Passage with strong currents.


Dive conditions

The Philippines water temperature ranges throughout the year betwen 22°C and 28°C. With April to November being closer to 28°C,.

Visibility ranges from 20m to 30m in Batangas. Bohol and Cebu have normally even a better visibility.

Water temperatures around 28°C are very comfortable and allow diver to wear a 3mm wet suits are even a shorty could be sufficient.

Philippines - Night dive nurseshark

Philippines Marine life

The Philippines and in particular Malapascu is  top location to spot  Thresher sharks in the world. With their distinctively long tail fins they are a highlight of Philippines scuba diving.

Thresher sharks are pelagic and spend most of their time deep of the continental slopes. Close to the deep water trench makes the cleaner station at Malapascua a spot for Tresher shark spotting.

Philippines - Tubbataha reef

The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is leading  in terms of marine biodiversity. Pristine coral reefs with massive groups of schooling fish makes it a paradise for underwater photographer.

Philippines Tubbataha - Schooling fish
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