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Scuba diving in the land of dragon and the islands of spices. Indonesia has incredible dive sites and the highest marine biodiversity. And its rainforests are stretching over 57% of Indonesia’s islands. Liveaboards and beach resort in Bali, Raja Ampat and Komodo are a great choice to explore uninhabited islands and remote dive sites. 

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Indonesia destinations

All Star Aurora

The liveaboard Aurora is an in credible  Pinisi-style teak motor-sailer. The picknick-style, tasteful asian fusion food with local flair you will maker you feel home.

Special “muck” dives allow underwater photographer to take most amazing photos of all the tiny beautiful bottom creatures.

  • A/C cabins with private bath
  • Length 40m.
  • Two custom dive tenders
  • Photo and video room


The MS Velocean is an ultra-luxurious dive liveaboard with dedicated design to cater scuba diving. 24 crew member are ready to pamper scuba diver who love to travel in style.

A huge space with modern, comfortable warm and inviting furnishings makes the guests feel comfortable.

  • 52m with three decks
  • Single suites available
  • 10 expansive suits
  • Fully renovated in 2017

Anantara Bali

The Anantara beachfront resorts in located on Bali island. It is a stylish scuba spa resort with the unique opportunity to spot Mola Mola during your scuba dive.

Or join a beach yoga at dawn or an adventurous volcano hiking or river rafting. And to add to your memorable moments and visit the famous temples of Besakih.

  • Beachfront style with rooftop lounge
  • 59 luxurious suites
  • Fully refurbished
  • Star gazing observatory

PADI Travel Indonesia

Travel planning

Best time to travel

Komodo has a dry climate between June to Sept. And a hot and humid rainy season December to March.  The temperature is rather stable around 28°C.  The most convenient Komodo scuba season is June to August.

Raja Ampat is on the equator located with twelve hour of daylight. It has stable 31°C air temperature over the day and  25°C at night.   Between May to September you will experience some rain. A rather dry season runs from October to February. a

© Laura Zepner, Pierre Karrasch, Felix Wiemann & Lars Bernard (2020) – an interactive climate analysis web platform, International Journal of Digital Earth, DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2020.1829112

How to get there?

Raja Ampat is located 1,500 km northeast of Komodo. The airport Jakarta connects Indonesia to main international destinations (IATA: CGK).

Komodo has a small domestic airport, Labuan Bajo (IATA: LBJ) with a 2:30 hrs. connection to Jakarta.

The majority of liveabords in Raja Ampat depart from Sorong or Waisai. The city of Sorong has a domestic airport. Domine Eduard Osok Airport (IATA: SOQ) is connecting in 5:30 hrs to Jakarta.  Waisai has  a 2 hrs ferry and a flight to Sorong.

Indonesia Scuba insights

Bahamas - Bluestripe snapper

Indonesia has two of the mosts pristine dive spots globally: Raja Ampat and Komodo. And in the area of Bali a mola mola hotspot.

Komodo offers 1,000 fish species, 300 corals and the world largest lizard, the famous Komodo dragon. That made the National Park Komodo an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Komodo is named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The national park is rather remote and liveaboards enable to explore that incredible scuba experiences conveniently. 

Raja Ampat consists of several hundred island groups around the main islands Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati. Unquestionably the island group has breathtaking rainforest island sceneries. And it has below the surface the most pristine reefs. 

Such reefs are the famous dive spots like Cape Kri. It consequently holds the world record of species in one single dive referenced. Similarly is the dampier strait a global top dive spot. It is separating the islands Batanta and Waigeo.

Dive conditions

Komodo and Raja Ampat offer great scuba dive conditions. The visibility varies between 10 to 30m and a has stable 31°C water temperature throughout the year. Some dive sites with stronger currents require intermediate scuba experiences. 

The best Komodo dive season is June to August with warm sunshine and light fresh air breezes. Raja Ampat has a rather dry season from October to February.

Diver prefer in such temperature conditions 3mm wet suits or shorties.

Indonesia - Coral reef

Indonesia Marine life

Komodo is located in the Pacific coral triangle  with the highest coral diversity globally. It is well known for drift dives. And Komodo is recognized for manta rays in dive spots like Manta alley and the beautiful pygmy seahorse. Reef sharks, manta rays are common encountered from May and October.
Indonesia, Nudi branch

Raja Ampat is incredible unique in marine biodiversity. You might spot Wobbegong sharks. Dugongs can be spotted throughout the year. At Nusa Penida island you even have the chance to spot the ocean sunfish (Mola mola) from July to September.

And Indonesia has 5 sea turtle species, the green sea turtle, leatherback, hawksbills, olive ridley and loggerhead.

Indonesia Turtle
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