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Egypt - Bluespotted stingray

Egypt Scuba Travel

The Red Sea own the title of one of the seven wonders of the underwater world. And the Red Sea proofs it with reef life and the most famous wrecks. Egypt scuba diving has amazing location. Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh in the northern Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. Masa Alam and Port Ghalib in the southern Red Sea and with some liveaboards even cross to boarder to  Sudan. 

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Egypt destinations


The Red Sea Aggressor II is spacious, functional and features premium guest service. 

It is stylish and all cabins have ensuite bathrooms. The salon is good sized and the deck has large sun areas and a hot tub and a bar! windows for ever-changing sea views. 

  • Length 42m.
  • Max. 22 guests
  • Sun deck Jacuzzi
  • Photo Video center


The Sharm El Sheikh resort is located at the beachfront with a great house reef and the Ras Mohammed National Marine Park close by.

The 5 star resort offers 7 swimming pools, a spa and a gym. Cultural day excursions to Mount Sinai or Luxor extent the scuba adventures to historic sites. 

  • 486 rooms.
  • Beachfront resort
  • PADI 5 star dive center
  • View of Sinai Mountains and Tiran Island

PADI Travel Egypt

Travel planning

Best time to travel

The climate in Egypt follows summer and winter season. Whereby in August the air temperature can reach above 30°C in Sharm El Sheik and low as 17°C in the winter. And it might rain in January and February. 

The most convenient Egypt scuba diving season is May to October. As the southern Red Sea is generally 2-3°C warmer, it extends the Egypt peak season by two month.

© Laura Zepner, Pierre Karrasch, Felix Wiemann & Lars Bernard (2020) – an interactive climate analysis web platform, International Journal of Digital Earth, DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2020.1829112

How to get there?

Sharm el-Sheikh (IATA: HRG) and Hurghada (IATA: HRG) have international airports connecting to Europe and Middle East. And you can arrange pick-ups from Cario to Hurghada plus there is a 30 min flight between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Marsa Alam has a smaller international airport, (iata: rmf) 60 km north from the city connecting to Europe. Airport and Harbor, Port Ghalib, are close,  just in a distance of 6 km.

Port Sudan in Sudan is further 640 km down the Red Sea.


Egypt Scuba insights

Bahamas - Bluestripe snapper

Egypt Scuba diving has everything! The Strait of Tiran into the Gulf of Aqaba with the four pristine reefs with breathing taking wall drop offs and drift dives. 

The northern Red Sea is famous for its reefs and wrecks. The Tiran Strait, Gordan, Woodhouse, Jackson and Thomas are one of the best reefs. There is an abundance of life and often smooth drift dives. SS Thistlegorm SS Dunraven, Rosalie Moller and Kingston are must-do-dives. Particular SS Thistlegorm is like an underwater museum enabling a sneak view into the Second World War.

In the southern Red Sea you find untouched reefs, like St. John reef. Further down the Rea Sea in Sudan are the massive Umbria wreck and Jacques “Cousteau’s Pre-Continent II located in just 9m depth. The level of currents depends, but in the south Red Sea drift dives along steep walls are a bit more common.

Dive conditions

Scuba diving in  Egypt is possible throughout the year. Whereby the water temperature can reach in August 30°C. In reverse the water temperature drops between November and March during winter  to 18°C.

It is a generally suitable  for beginner due to temperature, visibility and depth.

Diver prefer in such temperature conditions 3mm wet suits or shorties  during summer and 5mm plus hoody during winter season.

Indonesia - Coral reef

Egypt Marine life

Ras Mohammed was 1983 established as a Marine Reserve for the Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Wild Life.  It is well known for spectacular underwater landscapes and due to the protection from fishing amazing groups of schooling fish. 

You can expect hammerheads between June and September and large rays between end of December to February. 


Egypt - Clownfish

The southern Red Sea has healthy reefs and an amount of pelagic activities. The area includes magnificent dive sites in the Marine parks of Zabargad and Rocky islands.

Even more isolated is the standalone Daedalus reef and the St. John’s reef close to the Sudan border. You can expect hammerheads between June and September and large rays between end of December to February.

Egypt - Grey reef shark
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