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Experience the Bahamas and exceptional scuba diving. The variety of dive sites like the Exuma Cays are unique in the Caribbean: Coral reefs, steep walls, historic wrecks and high-speed drift diving! Scuba diving in the Bahamas is amazing! The Bahamas have it all and for all levels of experience.

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Bahamas Destinations


Aqua Cat liveabord has very large cabins and a dedicated highly experienced crew. Enjoy the resort retreat liveaboard with gourmet style meals, bar and a sundeck.

And enjoy hiking, snorkeling a various leisure time activities between the dives.

  • Luxury accommodation
  • 83 sqm dive deck
  • 31m length with 11 cabins
  • Fully renovated 2017


Blackbeard’s is a 20m adventure sailboats and it offers best value for money for couple and single. A picnic and camping style guarantees team spirit and a lot of fun!

And after a day full of scuba adventures enjoy the sunset on deck with free wine and beer.

  • Dormitory accommodations
  • Shared baths and shower
  • Departs from Nassau
  • 6 night to Exuma Cays


The Cat Ppalu is a modern and stylish  sailing catamaran. It is perfect for a group of friends that want to design their own itinerary.

SUPs, snorkeling, kayaks and fishing gear is available to create an enjoyable liveaboard in the Bahamas.

  • Six private cabins with A/C
  • Forward trampoline to enjoy
  • Beer, wine, rum included
  • Dining at communal table

PADI Travel Bahamas

Travel planning

Best time to travel
The Bahamas are subtropical with 90% sunny days per year. The air temperature varies between 22°C and 29°C and the water temperature is in average 24°C. That makes the Bahamas a marvelous scuba diving spot throughout the year.   While saying that the touristic peak on the Bahamas is the winter. Accordingly during the summer months you would find less crowded dive sites. The seasonality is defined by the is the hurricane period between June and November. Sometimes the Bahamas are affected and that might impact scuba diving significantly.

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How to get there?

The Bahamas is an island chain with over 700 islands and 2,400 cays that extends 760 miles.

Central hub to embark on a liveaboard trip is Nassau international airport (IATA: NAS). NAS has direct connections into various airports in US.

Bahamas Scuba insights

Bahamas - Bluestripe snapper
The Bahamas islands  rang off  West Palm Beach in the north all the way to almost Haiti in the south. And the Bahamas are a breathtaking dive destination. The islands offers a huge variety of scuba diving. The Florida barrier reef is the third largest barrier system. Their walls are facing deep waters and the Gulf stream current delivers warm water creating a preferential spot for macro marine life spotting. Likewise exposed to the Atlantic shelf drop-off the Abacos reefs offers shallow dive sites around 18m. The Bahamas are also knows as the Wreck Capital of the Caribbean with around 50 accessible wrecks. Many of which surround New Providence Island and Andros. And a highlight to advance tec diver are the blue holes and the underwater caves of Abaco. Some of them are even accessible to open water level divers. Prone for drift diving are the islands of Eleuthera and Harbor Island. The Exuma Cays are a mojor liveaboard destination and combine walls and rich shallow reefs.
Dive conditions
The Bahamas islands generally provide you with great scuba conditions and  15m to 30m visibility  around the year. Just closer to main island the vis could drop. And also the water temperature is very convenient with in average  24°C water temperature during the winter and 30°C during the month of August. Many diver prefer with temperature conditions are 3mm wet suits or a shorty during the summer month.
Lyretail Anthiases and Emporer Sweetlip

Bahamas Marine life

The Bahama Islands are well known for common bottlenose dolphin sighting and a variety of reef shark species all around the year. During the winter season you may find Bull Sharks and Tiger Shark in specific spots like the tiger Beach and Hammerheads at Bimini.

Bahamas - Two Dolphins

The reefs off the Bahamas are one of the longest in the world and still have a an impressive bio diversity.

Rather specific species are the pelagic national fish  Blue Merlin, beautiful Conch mollusk and the Blue Tang. The impressive Nassau Grouper can reach over 1m in length.

The lionfish is an invasive species to the Bahamas but still an amazing and beautiful fish.

Green turtles, hawksbills and  loggerhead are a common encounter.

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