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As a scuba diver you are part of the marine life and it feels like flying over the underwater world. Hardly feeling gravity is pure adventure in the deep blue. Scuba diving is exciting and influences people’s life. For many scuba diver it is an activity to make their vacations a memorable moment. And scuba travel in style with sustainability in mind to amazing destinations with great accommodation and scuba diving just adds to the experience.

To make the best out of your scuba vacation and to find what is right for you without compromising creates the best memories. Scuba Travel in style means memorable marine adventures! Relaxation and sustainable marine encounter create incredible memories to share.

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Scuba travel is the leisure to immerse into a world disconnected from a stressful everyday life wether you choose a liveaboard or a dive resort. Finding your personal adventures and space of comfort and enjoyment  Some of our top scuba travel destinations:


    • Thailand is a tropical paradise offering great value packages for scuba vacations.  The  marine world is incredible for all levels of scuba experience.

    • Maldive  is a world of  islands in the mid of the Indian Ocean. Gorgeous spa islands and resort-like liveaboard with beautiful coral reefs, manta rays and an abundance of reef sharks.

    • Indonesia is an exotic dream with the abundance of marine diversity for many scuba diver. Remotely located and incredible in marine diversity.

    • Mexico has a variety of very different marine environment like the Sea de Cortéz, Socorro Island or the Caribbean. Encounter  pelagic species, the Cancun  underwater museum or  cenotes.

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Scuba diving is a great activity as it allows you the experience nature in so different environments from coral reefs to cenotes or even arctic scuba diving. It also offers many different experiences within scuba diving like underwater photography, wreck diving and marine biology. You always can continue to improve and learn new scuba skills like tech diving or rebreather scuba diving. And with your own and individual all ambitions, challenging and adventures to make scuba diving memorable for yourself.

Scuba diving is amazing for all levels of experience, Already the first breath underneath the surface is amazing! And PADI training allow you to continuously improve your skills Best is to combine scuba diving and stylish travel. 


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